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We highly recommend Henle Construction as they did high quality work on our master bathroom remodel completed in June 2011 in San Ramon, CA. By the time we met proprietor Tom Henle we had already received bids from several local contractors for the project and were prepared to move forward with one of them, until our attention was redirected to dealing with an urgent leak through window framing— one week before a planned vacation! None of the contractors we had already met with would help us in the one week time frame. After we desperately searched the web, we stumbled upon Henle Construction through Service Magic. Tom Henle, despite being very busy and the long trek from Tracy, came out in two days and had his foreman obtain the material required that met our specifications and completed the day’s work of repairs a couple days before we were to leave on vacation. This impressed us because, despite knowing he would still have to bid on the master bath project against others, he jumped on our urgent need to make a good first impression.
Prior to hiring Henle Construction we also had an opportunity to look at one of their recently completed master bath projects that demonstrated high end work. Tom also showed us several photos on his cell phone of work that was similar to what we envisioned for our bath. Tom also recently gained online presence through his website, although it has been changed since when we first looked at it and has fewer photos (Tom bring back the photo slide show please).
Our bathroom remodel was predominantly done by his foreman Jason with one assistant in training. They were punctual, courteous and respectful of our property and accommodated our needs whenever practical. His foreman is well informed on all the needs of our project – structural framing, plumbing, electrical and even tile work, although a separate subcontractor was used for this due to the extent of the work. The tile setter Tom uses (Richard) is easy to work with, has wonderful ideas, takes the time to offer alternatives if the client is seeking guidance and took great care to produce a beautiful end product. Richard truly cares about satisfying the customer.
We also had Tom’s crew work on small side jobs elsewhere around the house, which they worked into their schedule most often during times when they had to wait on something or someone such as a city inspector. A couple of times they stayed late just to get something done, like the one Friday where they knew no one would be home for several hours and they surprised us by installing our new cooktop before we expected. Jason the foreman also took care to make sure we were happy with every detail.
Tom’s pricing was fair and he stuck to it despite the project taking longer than anticipated. We did have a significant amount of cost overruns but that was because of additional work that we chose to have done in the midst of construction. The biggest challenge was that they did not have a professional plan to work off of. This in part led to the project taking longer as we would often be consulted about our preferences on various details. Since the footprint was remaining much the same we did not see a need for a pricey drawing. Given we enlarged the shower, moved some electrical items, and other small details that come with a complete gut and replace project, it would have been in everyone’s best interest if we had drawings with all the details.
Our hands on involvement came unexpectedly to Henle who is use to very limited interaction with the client once the project is underway. Our guarded approach was colored by prior experience with other contractors. Now having gone through a sizable project with Tom and crew we can with confidence say Henle Construction is trustworthy, fair and committed to more than mere customer satisfaction – they endeavor to exceed your expectations and provide you an end result that makes you happy. We can with confidence recommend Henle Construction for projects similar to our master bathroom remodel.

D. and D. Bussiere, Satisfied Customer